Review – Touch


Touch by Natalia Jaster

4 Stars



Pages: 274


“He holds out a trembling hand and traces the shape of her arm, descending to her elbow. “You’re like mist,” he says. “You really don’t feel this?”

Love shakes her head. “No.”

But that’s not entirely true, because this illusion of a touch has turned her into a current, this human has reached down to her bones.

-Natalia Jaster, Touch

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Book Madness 2017


I have some exiting news! I am taking part in Book Madness which is a fun contest between bloggers, bookstagramers, and booktubers and it’s a chance for you guys to win bookish swag and books! Each blogger on will represent a character and it is up too you guys to vote for your favorite! We will give reasons to why you should vote for our character.

I am happy to announce that my character is Cath from Heartless by Marissa Meyer!

Keep reading to help Cath win!

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Tips – Photos

My most asked question is, “Can you give me tips on how to take photos?” And I find this question so daunting because I am not sure how to put my tricks and tips into words. But I am going to try my best!  This post will be split into two sections. One for tips and the other on finding inspiration. Hopefully this will answer all of your questions and don’t worry. I will be writing a post for editing photos soon.

Disclaimer! I am not a Professional Photographer!

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